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J. Cole Have Found The Value Of Life…?

It’s no big deal to talk about the Kid Of Dreamville rapper J. Cole seems to have find the importance of life itself and now bothers less about material wealth, you doubt that then you need to pay attention to the J. Cole songs that would be listed below

AfricAryan – Logic Ft. J. Cole

Although this was a featured track for the Logic’s Everybody project but if you listen to the lyrics word-to-word you’ll find out what i mean
For example Logic ends his part of the track with a dialogue which we were meant to believe God was talking to him the dialogue goes a little something like
Atom – So what now, what advic can you give me….?
God – What Advice Can i give humanity?
Live your life 
Don’t waste your days on the Negative energy of others……..
There’s more but after that part of the 12 Minutes track J. Coles secret track comes up and starts with something like 1,2,3,4
In his lyrics he talks about wanting acceptance and talked about his favorite rappers and NAS, he then talked about being disappointed later as he found out in his journeys that happiness doesn’t come from album release as he once base his egos on making millions.
Finally he then talks about forgetting the “Black and White Shit” and also refer to being a product of his Interracial parents.

Love Yourz (Live Forest Hill Drive 2014)

J. Cole Forest Hill Drive is my all time favorite in all his ever done projects, I downloaded a deluxe version of the project and also downloaded the Live Version, both Versions are no different but the live version was performed “Live On Stage” that’s why it’s called a live version (just incase you’re wondering why)
Now in the Live Version of Love Yourz, Cole starts up with a story and he talks about what the world wants us to have to be happy
In his story he then talks about this man who has everything but still miserable.

3. KOD

The entire KOD Project revolves around rappers who get motivated by Money and Drugs to influence their music
From the intro to the Lil Pump supposed diss track “1985” everything Cole Aimed at was the value of life 
You’d constantly hear these sentence in like 4 different tracks in the project “Choose Wisely” his 2016/2017 4YEO project also talked about Life’s value but KOD entirely was based on that.
If you’re still not convinced J. Cole has evolved from the I wanna F×ck Shit up rapper to the Live life to the fullest, i care of no gold chain rapper..?
Then you obviously need to listen to KOD or Immortals from his #4YourEyeOnly project..
Let me see your comments below let us know what you think about this.
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